Manage your Dillards credit card login. Access your online account to check balance, make a Dillards credit card payment and view store deals.

Dillards Credit Card Login – Make a Dillards Credit Card Payment

dillards credit card login

Holding a department store credit card can be beneficial to building a new credit history or rebuilding credit history.  It can give you the option to make a purchase now, even when you’re low on cash, and paying later.  It also allows you to make payments over time, which can help if you have large purchases to make.  The Dillards credit card options allow you to earn reward points for discounts and more. We are in no way affiliated with services dealing with Dillards Credit Card Payment, continue reading for Dillards Credit Card Login access.

Dillards is a department store chain with over 300 stores in 28 states across America.  Dillards has been providing quality, stylistic products since 1938.  Today, they carry name brand clothing and shoes for women, men, teens, and children, handbags, accessories, beauty products, and products for your home.  Their products can be purchased at one of their locations across the States or from their online shopping center.

 Dillards Credit Choices

Dillards offers a choice of credit cards, and each carries its perks.  The Dillards American Express Classic allows you to earn reward points that will earn you a selection of 10% off shopping at Dillards or a reward certificate to be used when you make a purchase.  It also will earn you exclusive invitations for Dillards’ shopping events and offers that you can access one day earlier than those without a card, and special amenities for traveling and more offered through Dillards’ online account access.

The second choice is the Dillards American Express Elite card, which provides you with all the benefits of the Classic card plus free standard shipping and gift wrapping, monthly bonus reward offers, private shopping event invitations, and a dedicated customer service number.  Either choice will allow you to have an American Express credit card that will earn you more savings for shopping at Dillards or other places designated in the U.S.

dillards credit card login

Dillards Credit Card Perks

Having a Dillard’s credit card will give back to you with rewards for your shopping.  When you use your Dillards Classic credit card, you will earn two reward points for every of purchases at Dillards and all gas stations and grocery stores in the U.S.  With the Dillards Elite card, you earn the bonus points for using your card everywhere American Express is accepted.  When you reach 1,500 reward points, you will receive the 10% off shopping or a reward certificate for shopping.  The reward system added to the other benefits of special offers and invitations to sales events can add up to save you money for spending.  There are no annual fees, and there are options for financing for 12 to 24 months on select purchases.


  • Having a department store credit card means the interest rates can be higher.  You want to keep track of your spending and pay it off as soon as possible to avoid paying more.  The easiest way is to use the Dillards credit card payment system on the website.
  • Financing may not be available on all purchases.

Managing Your Dillards Credit Card Login

dillards credit card login

You can manage your account at Dillards credit card login.  With a Dillards credit card login individuals can easily track purchases and access to records.  Members can also use Dillards credit card login to pay for purchases and to make a  Dillards credit card payment on their secure site.  It makes shopping, account management, and payment a breeze for you.

Dillards Credit Card Login Issues

If you forgot your Dillards Credit Card Login, please see Username Recovery
If you forgot your Dillards Credit Card Login password, please Reset Your Password

Note: We are not an affiliate with Dillards Credit Card Login. You should NOT contact us with any sensitive information that is of a personal nature. We are merely a resource that provides information.

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