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When reviewing PrePaid cards, like I said fees are very important to understand. The BlueBird card has one of the best fee structures of any PrePaid card. Below we highlight all key aspects of this card for your review.

What Are The Fees Associated With the BlueBird Prepaid Card?

Activation Fee: There are none. You can Activate at

Monthly Fee: There are none.

Foreign Exchange Fee: There is none.

ATM Transaction Fee: None with qualifying Direct Deposit at MoneyPass® ATMs, .5 per trans elsewhere

Signature Transaction Fee: Completely Free.

Pin Transaction Fee: Totally Free.

What Are Some of The Pro’s With This Card?

1) Feel free to withdraw cash at any ATM that accepts American Express® Cards. This includes the MoneyPass® Network of more than 24,000 ATMs, and Money Center Express machines at Walmart.

This is one of the things I really like about this card and if you shop at Walmart it makes it very simple to load money onto the card or pull cash out while you are there.

2) You can make Direct Deposits directly to your BlueBird Card and pay bills online.

Bluebird has a cool Mobile App where you can manage your account on the go from anywhere.

You can also set up Sub-Accounts which is a really cool way to manage various spending. It is like have separate savings accounts, like a travel vacation account for example.

You will also get access to American Express customer service around the clock. This is top notch and they will help you with everything you need.

Another great feature of the BlueBird Prepaid Card is that when shopping for items like electronics you get Purchase protection automatically.

This can provide you with coverage against accidental damage or theft of eligible items for 90 days from date of purchase and up to a thousand dollars per occurrence. This goes up to ,000 per Cardmember account per calendar year, making it a pretty sweet deal.

Is there Any Negatives With Getting the BlueBird Prepaid Card?

The main complaint of most customers of the card are that they are buying something and get told that they don’t accept American Express. This can be embarrassing and inconvenient.

Most places I have gone, do accept the card so it has not been an issue. But just beware it can be and just make sure you check ahead of time to make sure the place of business accepts AMEX cards.

When looking at most BlueBird Prepaid Card Reviews they are very positive and I personally use this card and have really enjoyed the mobility it has given me especially with their iPhone App.


The big positives of the BlueBird Prepaid card is the low fee structure and affiliation with Walmart stores. This makes it an easy choice especially if you are a Walmart Shopper.

The only real negatives with this prepaid card is that not everyone accepts American Express cards.

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